How to become an American Citizen


Why and how to become an American citizen?

Many immigrants come to the US in search of a better life. Becoming a citizen allows these migrants many benefits, not just for them but also for the community they live in.

1. Protection from Deportation
Lawful permanent residents can be deported because of specific criminal convictions and actions. Citizens are safe from this kind of deportation.

2. Citizenship for Minor Children of Naturalized Citizens
LPR children of naturalized citizens who are under the age of 18, automatically become citizens. Once a parent naturalizes, the minor child become a citizen through derivation.

3. Family Petitions
An LPR can also sponsor family members from abroad, however the process is a lot longer and more complex. LPRs can only petition for their spouses, minor children and unmarried adult sons and daughters however U.S. citizens can petition for more family members such as parents, siblings and married adult sons and daughters.

4. Eligibility for Government Jobs
Only citizens are eligible for jobs with the federal government.

5. Freedom to Travel
Citizens have the freedom to travel abroad and stay for as long as they want to, LPR’s don’t have that luxury and there are restrictions on the travel period during the year. Citizens also have the privilege of seeking the assistance and security of US embassies and consulates during their travel abroad.

6. The Right to Vote
One of the most important benefits of becoming a US citizen is the right to vote. LPR’s cannot vote and thus miss out on the opportunity to elect leaders who can represent them and their community.

At SAHARA we assist with American Citizenship Application and provide bi-monthly free citizenship clinics in our office.

At these clinics we provide:

  • Eligibility check for LPR’s
  • Application assistance
  • Fee Waiver
  • Legal review

Covid-19 Update

Our Citizenship Coordinator discusses USCIS updates during the shutdown

If you would like to apply for citizenship or have questions about your eligibility contact us at 562-402-4132
Or click here to message our Citizenship Coordinator.


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