Dear SAHARA Family,

Please know that SAHARA will be by your side as it has been for the past 28 years. SAHARA is not closing our office. We are going to great lengths to stay open and keep everyone safe. 
We will be open for all the usual hours but with fewer staff on hand in person. Everyone is available but may be connecting with you by phone, wherever possible.


How you connect to SAHARA’s help. To keep you and your SAHARA care partners both connected and safe, SAHARA is expanding our service delivery to clients and the community through the safest methods as possible. For your personal safety, you can receive the most SAHARA information and care by phone or video call. We will keep you informed of improvements for access.
When you need us, please call our main office number 562-402-4132 or email us at  We will ask for a little information so the SAHARA person you need can call you back quickly, in a way that works for you, and provide the answers you need.
If you have questions or want to set up an appointment or just want to discuss your concerns; we are here for you.
Best, Regards,
Marilyn Neece
Executive Director 


SAHARA needs your help, especially now as our community faces this virus and it’s unknown consequences. Donate today to our emergency fund.

If you need more info about the symptoms, home care, treatment and any other questions check out the
Center for Disease Control’s website

SAHARA Staff discuss in language services and help available during this time.


If you would like to know more about SAHARA or help us continue to provide these services, please give us a call at 562-402-4132 or contact us. 

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