Our housing program helps support the needs of clients experiencing a past or present case of domestic violence. Sahara’s Domestic Violence Housing First (XD) Program’s specific purpose is to rehouse victims of domestic violence, who are experiencing homelessness. Domestic abuse can be mental, physical, economic or sexual in nature. South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency (SAHARA ) will assist victims of domestic violence by supporting and helping clients with short-to medium term rental support and offer other supportive services. Sahara’s commitment to providing culturally sensitive and linguistically specific services for the South Asian community and therefore serves many immigrants, some with limited to no language proficiency in English who are financially dependent on their abuser and have limited to no experience making decisions for themselves.  Each client’s circumstances are analyzed and will determine the duration of housing support given. Our Housing Program Specialist will conduct an in-depth assessment to personalize a housing plan and connect individuals to supportive services. Supportive services will include, but are not limited to, transportation assistance, financial assistance, job search support, career counseling, financial literacy, mental health services, legal service referrals and assistance accessing ESL classes as needed.


If you would like to know more about SAHARA or help us continue to provide these services, please give us a call at 562-402-4132 or contact us. 

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